Medicine students receive their education in the University schoolrooms and their training within the hospital wards, but after graduation and internship the better way to get valuable updates and a profitable continuing professional development is attending international congresses.

Nevertheless congress lectures are quite different than university lessons: in a short time many data and information are shared, different studies and research outcomes are often summarized in few slides.

In this environment becoming well trained in extracting the valuable information, the “take home messages”, is a skill that a medical doctor needs to develop if he/she aims to become a future leader.

Having this in mind, the programme of the 4th International Workshop on Lung Health have been enriched with a special path dedicated to Hungarian Interns. Professor Stefano Aliberti and Professor James Chalmers, two exceptional mentors, who have well in advance, understood the value of education in developing a career, will be supporting 10 interns in order to practically train them in extracting the appropriate “take home messages” out of the congress.

This programme has been empowered thanks to the active contribution of MTT – the Magyar Tüdőgyógyász Társaság, the Hungarian Respiratory Society and kindly supported by TEVA Europe as part of the “next generation take off” programme.

Detailed Programme

The programme will start on Thursday 19th at 13.00 with the session Future Leaders Mentoring warming up where the different aspect of the programme will be illustrated by the Mentors.

4 lectures upon the 3 congress days will be included in the programme. Interns should attend them and follow the instructions of their mentors in order to extract from the session the “take off message”.

Mentoring sessions in 2 groups of 5 interns each will be performed throughout the congress programme (precise timing to be confirmed).

Each group should present its work, outcome and take home messages during the report session of Saturday 21st at 12.30 – 13.30. This session will be open to all congress attendees.

Made possible thanks to the kind contribution of logozambon