Organising Association

The Congress 1st International Workshop on Lung Health, COPD: The New Paradigms is organized by

AMR – Allergies and Maladies Respiratories is an international association promoting the updating and education of medical doctors on respiratory medicine. AMR organised in 2008 the World Congress on Asthma and more recently the consensus conference 100 Years of Immunotherapy: The Monaco Charter involving the top Opinion Leader from all over the World on Allergies, Immunotherapy and Asthma.

AMR is part of

AMPCM – Association Monégasque pour le Perfectionnement des Connaissances des Médecins is an association devoted to promote medical education at the highest level. AMPCM organises international congresses, conferences and workshops to create an effective environment for the exchange of knowledge and to help scientists and clinicians to connect ones with the others to improve research, appropriate management and clinical practice.