POSTER AND AWARD WINNERS 2017 / 5th International Workshop on Lung Health

Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Drive Acute
Exacerbations Of Asthma

Ourania Koltsida1,2; Aikaterini Chairakaki2; Maria Saridaki2; Katerina Pyrillou2; Marios Mouratis2; Ross Walton3; Nathan Bartlett3; Athanasios Stavropoulos2; Nikoletta Rovina1; Sebastian Johnston3; Evangelos Andreakos2

11st Department Of Respiratory Medicine, Medical School, National Kapodistrian University Of Athens, ‘Sotiria’ Regional Chest Diseases Hospital, Athens, Greece; 2department Of Immunology, Center For Clinical, Experimental Surgery And Translational Research, Biomedical Research Foundation Of The Academy Of Athens, Athens, Greece; 3airway Disease Infection Section, National Heart And Lung Institute

The Study of Correlation between Bronchial
and Alveolar NO Level and Clinical and
Biological Charasteristics of Children with Asthma

Hanh Do – Thi a  ; Thuy Nguyen – Thi Dieu b ; Sy Diong – Quy c,d,e

aDepartment of Immunology, Allergology, and Rheumatology. National Hospital of Pediatrics, Hanoi, Viet Nam; bHanoi University of Medicine, Hanoi, Viet Nam; c Lam Dong Medical College, Dalat, Viet Nam; dCochin Hospital. Paris Descartes University, Paris, France;
eDivison of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine. Penn State College of Medicine, Pensylvania, USA.

Asthma Control and Medication Use
during Pregnancy, is a Specialized Asthma &
Pregnancy Outpatient Clinic of Added Value?

Katrien Egera; Saar van–Nederveen–Bendiena; Sarah van Oorda; Harry Heijermana;
aHaga Teaching Hospital, The Hague, Netherlands

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